Nanine Du Plessis started making clothes from a young age, following in her grandmother’s footsteps. After school she studied at Cape Town Technical College, where she won The Best Creative Student award in her final year.
In 1988, she moved to Johannesburg, where she started working for Fashion Designer, Marianne Fassler.

After an exciting five years, she moved back to Cape Town.When she got back from her holiday in Brazil she got headhunted by Anthula Markovitz that owned the label, Bianca Collection.

In 1999, Nanine won the J&B Rare Designer Award and then after she started her own label called Nanine Fine Wear. 



The label interprets international fashion trends in a range that embodies the South African woman’s lifestyle.

"I started the label because I love designing clothes and I believe in it so strongly that is why my name is on the label. My heart is in it and will always be. It is extremely rewarding when you see customers coming back because they enjoy wearing your clothes."

Fabrics are imported  from Europe and China and garments are proudly made in South Africa, to form a look that is sophisticated, creative and timeless.

NOIR by Nanine is a strong vibrant and elegant brand.

The label is known for producing quality clothing and is famous for the perfect fitting stretch pants.

Our Mission

Designing garments based on a woman’s true lifestyle.


The Team

My team is like family. Each of them are extremely good in what the bring to the table and we all need each other to make a range happen.
We have been through tough times but stick together, because we are all passionate about what we do.
This is why we work together.

Our Story


The Company Items Designer and the label Nanine Fine Wear started in 1999 from a one bedroom apartment. We were two partners one who designed, me and my business partner did the selling and handled the production side.

After two years I bought my partner out

There was no fear, it was all about this is what I love doing, creating clothes and making the customers happy.

Our customers at that time were mostly boutique owners and quality, service and delivery was of utmost importance. We also supplied bigger stores and the company grew each year.

The company got known for the first stretch pants suit at the time and this became the sold out item. We just could not supply enough and this where our story began.

Everybody loved our stretch pants and till this day it is still one of our trademarks.

The Company had two labels at the time, Nanine Fine Wear which were for the day wear collection and Nanine Vintage which were the one off designer pieces.

In 2015 I decided it is time for a new look and the label NOIR by Nanine started which focussed more on occasion wear at the time.

This became our brand.

Then Covid happened and boutiques closed and most of them cancelled their orders. I decided to move a few machines home and most of the fabric, patterns and furniture was stored. It was tough but exciting.

I started having pop up stores at friends homes and got orders going again.  It was like starting over and exciting because I had more creative freedom.


My stretch pants is still in demand after 21 years !!

Covid gave the brand a time to reflect, re-evaluate and evolve. Lounge Wear took over from more structured designs and occasion wear

Customers are looking for stylish and comfort clothing but with a designer touch

I am now more than ever directly involved with my customer from the designing stage to the selling stage 


In the future we will still be creating a perfectly fitting stretch pants and more!!

What is important to is to evolve with the times but to keep the style of the brand. Quality fit an delivery is extremely important.

Watch this space ! 

It took a lot of hard work and perseverance.
It’s has been a long road with constant twists and turns to evolve into where the company and new label is NOW.